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What we need in a tool bag

After 10 years in a boat, here is a full list of the items I keep with me because they've proved most useful (and the boats they fit). On a race day, I may only take an adjustable and hex key in the boat, but my full tool bag is stocked with the items below:


Note: Vespoli and Pocock also have their own rigging tool (Vespoli Cox'n Wrench, Pocock Rigging Wrench)

  • 2x 10mm wrenches (Filippi, Hudson, Resolute) 7/16 (Vespoli, Pocock)

  • 13mm wrench (Filippi, Hudson, Resolute) 3/4 (Vespoli) 1/2 (Pocock)

  • 10mm nut driver (Filippi foot plates)

  • 7mm nut driver (Filippi backstay)

  • flathead screw driver (Filippi backstay, various needs)

  • Concept2 oar tool for oars (star tool, nut drivers, Phillips Head)

  • Hex Key (metric for Filippi, Hudson, standard for Vespoli)

  • adjustable wrench (for the pin)

  • electrical tape (US Director for Para High Performance emphasizes this crucial tool)


  • a few bolts that fit the boat

  • a few flat washers

  • a few lock washers

  • a few 1/4, 1/2, full size spacers

  • a few wing nuts if that's what our shoes take

  • 2x clams (our oars should already have them but just in case)


  • Nexcare waterproof tape

  • white sports tape

  • a few Band-Aids


  1. Rite in the Rain notebook

  2. black Sharpie

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