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This is the best job in the world. We get to be great mathematicians while making our lines, and data analysts with our numbers. We are mechanical engineers with our tools, and politicians with our various negotiations. 

An olympic coxswain and coach once told me after a horrific practice that if I couldn't get over the bad days, I shouldn't be a coxswain. If I could add to that a bit: learn from the bad days, and tell your boat how amazing the good ones are. If you can do that, you should be a coxswain.

Because we get to lead, and we get to inspire.

My greatest hope, is that this site helps you do just that.  Here, you'll find pages that explore technical drills / calls and why we'd implement them. Example race plans, examples of things to say in races, and a collection of recordings lies at your fingertips. 

xoxo, Emelie Eldracher

USA PR3 4+ '22 & '23 World Championships

MIT '22 & 24 Openweight Women and Heavyweight Men

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